Capital Placement Partners

Capital Placement Partners, LLC

We advise institutions and businesses with investment capital in commercial real estate.

With nearly $0.5 billion in closed investment sale transactions, Capital Placement Partners (CPP) was established with a clear mission: to facilitate the sourcing, analysis, and closure of commercial property on behalf of clients. CPP specializes in customized frameworks to identify opportunities that meet the specific criteria of major institutions, private equity firms, and single-family offices alike.

In an ever-evolving landscape where technology is reshaping the dynamics of commercial real estate, the principals were driven by a compelling vision to carve out their own niche. They firmly believe that building trust and prioritizing long-term client success are essential for facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers. Through effective capital deployment and delivering exceptional value to clients, CPP demonstrates a strong dedication and unwavering commitment to clients. This dedication forms the distinctive energy that sets CPP apart in a space seemingly without competitors.

Building on a wealth of experience of nearly $0.5 billion in facilitated sale transactions, CPP exhibits a portfolio that spans the spectrum of experience. This encompasses a diverse array of investment profiles, ranging from multi-state, institutional upREITs, to strategic sale-leaseback dispositions for public and private companies that own-and-occupy their real estate, to more straightforward and traditional investment and portfolio sales.